Spring vibes

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28 February 2019

spring vibesI don’t know what about you, but I already have massive spring vibes. Yes, it’s still winter, but the weather has been pretty amazing here in Ollanda lately. I can’t remember that I ever had lunch outside at the 15th of February ever before in my life. Some people already quit wearing their coats, but hey it’s still mega chilly in the morning. But to be honest this sunny weather makes you hate your winter coat and big jumpers. You just don’t want to wear them anymore and all you can think about is a whole new wardrobe. What can I say, spring vibes all over the place! I already lightened up my hair, so now it’s time for some brighter clothes, hahah.

Colour bomb

I have one goal for spring and summer 2019: I want to wear more colour! I already mentioned before that I love colour, but that I sometimes have a hard time combining them (you can read it in a earlier post here). There are already some coloured items for the top of the body (a pink jumper, a green blazer) present in my closet, but I think none for the bottom. And that has to change.

So I made a study out of it. All those Scandinavian girls are wearing the most amazing colour combo’s. Jeanette Madsen in particular. I’m going to dedicate a whole blog post to her soon, because she is the bomb. So my intention is to buy some good coloured basics this spring, so that I can combine them a lot. I already tried the above bunch of clothes from &Other Stories. I especially had my eyes on that green dress with the polka dots, but unfortunately I made me look and feel like a farm girl, hahaha.

Wish list

Of course I already bought some new white tees, cause that’s necessary every year and you can combine a white tee with literally everything. But what else is on my wish list this spring? Here we go:

A pastel coloured flare. I own a lot of flares and my favorite is a burgundy corduroy one from Topshop. So I prefer a corduroy pastel flare. Fingers crossed!!

A long black blazer. One of those oversized ones that reaches your knees. I already have one, but it’s getting ugly. I love the image of an oversized coat and sneakers.

Nike Air Force 1 black/white. This is one of my favorite sneakers and I already own white ones. So I saw a girl passing by at Central Station and she was wearing black and white Air Forces and I can’t find them! Story of my life, I see something on the street, but then I can’t find it. But hey I won’t be Mandy if I don’t make an expedition out of this, hahah.

A long floral or printed dress. I love maxi dresses, but sometimes, like the earlier mentioned green dress, it makes you look a bit, eeeeh, like a farm girl or someone from the Victorian era. And it mostly depends on the top of the dress. Big boobs and buttoned up? Not always a good combo. So finding the right maxi dress is always a challenge.

A pastel coloured suit. A little intense, I feel you, but very happening at the moment. And spring vibes to the max. I think I go for pink. I saw a Stella McCartney one, but it’s a bit above budget. And I don’t even know if it suits me, because I’m a midget, hahaha. But I definitely want to try one. A suit is fierce you know. (Source picture Stella McCartney)

spring vibes Stella McCartneyA new bag. I still have to buy myself a gift for all the things I achieved last year, like selling my house and finishing my study successfully. I think it’s going to be a Mulberry. It’s a battle between the YSL Loulou and the Mulberry Lily, with a small preference for the Lily (the Lily has more fans than the Loulou too). My friends think the Lily suits me better. And I have to admit, I’m very into Mulberry lately. So, more about this later.

So that’s it for now. And did I bring you spring vibes too with al the blabla about colours and pastels ;-)? I hope so. I always feel like spring changes the whole world. It makes it prettier. And the same goes for colours.

I’m curious about your wish list for spring and summer, so let me kwow!

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