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28 January 2019

inspiration bookLast year I already wrote an article about mood boards (you can read it back here) . That I love making them ever since I was little and that I also find it very therapeutic. I also told you I started an inspiration book. I hereby want to share my thoughts with you why I think it’s a very good idea for you to start a inspiration book too!

Why I think you should start one too

I started this book, because I wanted to write down the way I would like to present myself. I’m always asking myself the question “what would they like to tell us?”. Same goes for myself. You know I love Insta, but I don’t want to post random stuff. I want to tell you something, show you the real me. So I started writing down my core values and the personal characteristics I want to add to the things I share. For instance one of my core values is always being authentic and a thing I like to show is the fact that I don’t like taking life to seriously. From there I started collecting images, quotes, you name it. But it all says something about me. For example Insta accounts I really love or quotes from strong woman about wearing whatever you like.

I think collecting stuff you love can really tell you something about you. Who you want to be and what drives you. Maybe even what you would like to achieve. I love it when friends say “I saw this and that and it made me think about you.” That means I’m doing a good job. And the best part of putting all of this in one book, you can always read it back. If you are lacking of inspiration, or thinking about changing your Social Media because you are not happy with it, just grab your inspiration book. I really believe it helps, anyway it helps me. So if you feel a little lost, just take a look at what you told yourself about yourself earlier.

How to start an inspiration book

Let me start saying that there are no rules. It doesn’t matter what it looks like or what you put in it. As long if it’s you, it’s all good. What I like to do first is buying a pretty note book. It’s a tic, but I buy a pretty note book for every new project. It makes it more fun. I got mine from my bestie Lilian. Once you have one, just start collecting. It can be quotes you can relate too, fashion editorials you absolutely love or a pretty postcard you found in a store. I like to work with themes, like pretty bohemian girls from the 70’s, but if you like putting random stuff together, be my guest. It’s your little bit of magic. I even copy paragraphs from my favorite (lifestyle) books, for example Love x Style x Life written by Garance Doré.

inspiration bookOkay, now you have collected a bunch of images and stuff, just find yourself a comfortable spot, get a cup of tea and let the fun begin. Because that is what it should be, fun. Besides that fact that a inspiration book helps me find out what I would like to present as a person, it also brings me peace in my head. Because I’m focused on making the prettiest inspiration book ever, and I don’t have time to think about negative stuff. So sit down and relax, get your scissors and glue and just start putting everything in your book. There is something comforting about looking for matching images, at least that’s what I think. And it’s no game, so you don’t have to finish it in one month. Just grab it once in a while, but never stop collecting ;-)!

So, I hope I have inspired you by reading this article. I wonder if some of you already started an inspiration book or a mood board once and what it looks like. You can always leave a comment, send an e-mail to or send me a DM on Insta, maybe we can exchange ideas!

Lots of love, Mandy

p.s. for my Dutchies, Hema always has the cutest notebooks for a very decent price.

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