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31 May 2018

moodboardsI love making moodboards! Ever since I was little I collect magazines and tear out everything I like. Fashion, interior, people, flowers, it doesn’t matter. I have this weird quality that I can fall in love with images and that can really be everything. A beautiful coloured painting or flowers, you name it. I truly can get moved by an image. No wonder I love Instagram and Pinterest that much. Images all day, everyday.

When I was young I had a bulletin board, lots of scrapbooks and my closet was covered with (mostly) beauty campaigns. And I was always busy with magazines. Now I’m in my thirties and I still collect magazines and images. When I left my parental house and bought my own house, I also made moodboards. One for my bedroom, bathroom and living room. It’s a bit scary when you going to live on your own, but this made it real and excited. I finally was able to decide by myself how my house would look like and now I finally could visualize it.

Being creative does wonders

For me there is something therapeutic about making moodboards and collages. Once in a while I throw some magazines away, but before that I’m going to browse them all and with the images I collect I make new collages. Do you know the colouring books for adults? Same idea. We live a busy life and sometimes we also are a bit stressed, so it’s important to reset your mind once in a while. And being creative does wonders. Making moodboards and collages is my outlet. There is something comforting about looking for matching images (theme, colour, etc.) that can make one perfect whole based on your feelings. At least, that’s how I feel. I’m able to forget the things I’m worrying about when I’m busy with my scissors and glue.

moodboardsAt the moment I’m working on a inspiration book. I once read that if you make a visionboard of things you want to accomplish or a certain life you want to live, you really can achieve it. It all has to do with the power of visualization. For my birthday my best friend gave me a beautiful note book. On the cover is written “You got this” ( super funny, almost the same quote as the only tattoo I have), so for me this was the perfect opportunity to start with those visionboards.

Thank god for Instagram and Pinterest where I can find a sh*tload of images and can be inspired every day! I also consider scrolling trough all the feeds as relaxing. But these app’s will never replace the good old magazines. Never! What’s a better idea than sit down and relax with a magazine? Exactly, nothing

What can I say, I just love images!

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