How to make a designer bag a little more street?

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10 January 2019

street styleI once had this colleague who believes that a girl can only wear an expensive bag if she is wearing expensive shoes too. In other words if you wear an expensive bag the rest has to be posh also. In my opinion that’s the biggest b*llshit ever. Especially nowadays, because streetwear is it. The runway shows are fun, but not achievable for the average girl. Street style is what you need to check! But how do you make your designer a little street without downgrading it?

A little street style never hurt nobody

The ones that follow me for a while now, know that I ONLY wear sneakers and Dr. Martens. I love to gaze at heels, but I hate wearing them. My favorites are Nike Air Max, in every possible way and my white Air Forces. You also know that I love my Céline. It never in a million years occurred to me, that this is a weird combination. In fact, add a big coat, and voila there is my favorite outfit. I think street style is the biggest source of inspiration.

I love checking people out. In the subway, while having coffee and of course on Pinterest. That’s a big advantage when you live in a big city, so many beautiful and inspirational people. I think Scandinavian bloggers are queen if it comes to street style. Pernille Teisbaek did not write a chapter about trainers without reason (you can check my post here). But how do you make a success out of your mix and match? Okay, a little bit of talent for combining is a nice bonus, but it’s no rocket science. First of all there are no do or don’ts, so I’m only sharing my thoughts and I’m not telling you what to do. Most important is that you feel comfortable. Some girls are the happiest in a full effect logo outfit, I’m not.


I think the keyword is balance. So if you choose to wear dad sneakers and a big puffy coat, choose for slim fitted pants and a smaller size bag also. Especially if you are a midget like me. You want people to see you, not a sh*tload of materials, because than you are downgrading you. I love wearing track pants. They are so fashionable nowadays, that I just wear them while shopping and I even wore it to the casino once (ssssst, our secret!). And yes I mix them with a designer.

street styleThis also goes for colour, prints and materials. I never would choose a furry bag when I’m already wearing a furry coat, but leather on leather is always good of course. I love colour, but I have to admit I find it hard to wear multiple colours in one outfit. Same goes for prints. I’m always scared that I look like a circus, so I always choose one item with colour or print. But I love seeing bold street style pics. So it is possible, it just needs a little exercise I think. Or maybe it just isn’t you. If it is you, but you have a hard time combining too, check Emili Sindlev. Really, she is master and mixes and matches everything.

These days there are no fashion rules anymore. And I like it! You can easily wear a hoodie under a trench or a sporty sweater and a pencil skirt. Same goes for designer bags. You can mix them with everything. So a Adidas tracksuit with a GG Marmont? You have my blessings. As long as it is a whole a bit, anything is possible. And as long as it is you.

So you don’t have to worry that a posh Chanel 2.55 won’t suit the rest of your outfit, cause if you have chosen that bag, you have style anyway. Play with it, make it fun. Choose a beanie, a hoodie and some trainers to go with your Hermes Constance. And certainly don’t listen to people that tell you not too. If you wearing it with confidence, they will like it anyway. And if they don’t, it’s their problem!

— Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever. — Ralph Lauren


    1. Aaaaaaah glad you like it and that it helped you a bit!The only thing I want to do is inspire 🙂


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