Finally done moving

The Bagscout
28 November 2018

Finally done moving (The Bagscout)Joe joe! A little sign of life from my side. So last month was all about moving, getting used to the new house and selling the old one (you can read my earlier post about is wonderful serene situation here). I was (and still am a bit) exhausted! So hence the silence. But you can’t feel sorry for yourself the whole time, haha, so here I’m again.

Moving from old to new

I considered moving to my new house as exhausting and emotional too. I lived in my old house all by myself for nine years and it was my own girlie place. So I had a hard time with it. To be honest, I cried for a whole week. But last week I sold it to a girl with the same age I had when I moved in to my previous apartment, so I’m glad it stays that way.

Now I moved to an apartment with much more space on a beautiful location in Amsterdam Noord, but since we got more space, the living room is very empty too atm. We still need a dining table, chairs, a way bigger couch and a lot of other things. So it still needs to get cozy (it’s “gezellig” in Dutch, but there is not really a word for it, haha. It’s like the Danish “ Hygge”) and the boy and I got very cranky every now and then. We spent whole sundays in furniture shopping malls. But we are getting there. Step by step. And good news, this tower is my new daily view and I think it will never bore me.

So I didn’t had much time lately to shoot content and I was so braindead that I didn’t had the inspiration to even write one decent sentence. But as you see, it’s getting better, haha. I did some shooting with my girl Lil last weekend which gave me energy and once you start writing, the rest will come naturally. I even got some new ideas too. But first a holiday! The boy and I have decided we need some sun, so we will be flying to Cape Verde this Friday. First some relaxing, reading a shitload of magazines and sunny pictures, and after that I’ll be back again with a lot of fashion, bags and myself hahah.

See you soon!

Lots of love Mandy


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