Audrey and Speedy: a love affair

The Bagscout
22 September 2017

Audrey Hepburn SpeedySince I have this blog and the corresponding Instagram feed, I saw a lot, and really mean a lot, of accounts full of Louis Vuitton stuff. There is a huge amount of LV lovers out there. Never seen so many Speedy’s in my life! Do you know that Audrey Hepburn was Speedy’s biggest fan? A quick history lesson.

In 1930 Louis Vuitton invented the “Keepall” bag, especially designed for the elite and their travel needs. A few years later Louis Vuitton designed the Speedy, a smaller interpetation of the Keepall bag. Voila, Louis first designed handbag was born! A handbag for everyday use.

The original size of the Speedy is 30cm, but in 1965 Audrey Hepburn requested Louis Vuitton to create a smaller version of the Speedy so she could carry it regularly. Of course they agreed, and they created the Speedy 25. There are a lot of pictures taken of Audrey and her Speedy. She described the bag as classy and charming for every body type.

Nowadays the Speedy is the most popular handbag of the house and available in four sizes: 25, 30, 35 and 40. However the bag got redesigned over the years, the classic shape of the Speedy never changed. Of course this iconic bag is available in the equally iconic monogram canvas, but you can also choose for the Damier- or Epi version.

And there is some news for the real dare devils among us too. For me personally it’s a bit to flashy and to bold, but there’s a Speedy with an image of the Mona Lisa. If you really want to be original, check the Masters LV x Koons collection here. Not very wearable I guess, but unique it is.


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